Tiny Green Faberhaus Opens in Quebec

The other day I previewed faberhaus Pavillon, a 376-square foot eco cottage on display at the Montreal Cottage & Country Home Show.  Designed and built by Faberca, faberhaus gives folks a self-sufficient living space in the country.  In other words, no electrical grid connection is necessary with solar power for the LED lights and propane power for the fridge, hydronic radiant heat, and everything else.

Faberhaus was fabricated in a factory and shipped to the site about 95% completed.  The interior has an ethanol fireplace, polished concrete floors (ground level), laminated wood floors (upper level), retractable furnishings, walnut cupboards, concrete counters/sinks, and large windows.

The upper level is spacious enough for two adults and two children, while the furniture on the main level retracts to provide space for up to four more people, according to Faberca.

Pavillon is being offered at a base price of $89,000, which includes furnishings, mechanical systems, solar panels, propane gas supply, and radiant floors, but excludes land costs, taxes, land preparation, foundation, and potable/sewage connections.  That works out to about $237 per square foot.

Credits: Eric Massicotte; Faberca (floor plans).

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  • sticker shocked

    the price tag for this is way to high.

  • http://www.dansheehanconstruction.com/ Tahoedanis

    Pretty cool but $237 a sq. and the interior walls are OSB! the smell never goes away from that stuff, or does it> I guess if you encapsulate it with lacquer? but still

  • Addisgutierrez

    Design flaws: dirt from your shoes would shake down onto the dining table every time you went up to the second level, also I think you would want as much sound privacy for the bathroom as possible and not sure the frosted panel between the bathroom and the dining area would do the trick. But I love the small living idea.

    • iikka

      I assume most people won’t wear their dirty shoes to bed.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_23FZA3VNG6SIWHEQJ4P7AK2Q5Q Andrew

      Do you really think more than 2 people will be in this thing at any given time?  Sound has nothing to do with anything  when its you and your wife/Husband.  Also you object to that and not the fact that there is maybe a Full Size or Queen bed up top with a Single bed 5 feet away.  Thats my biggest objection.  Sorry change the space with the single bed to a closet cause who is gonna actually sleep like that.  The ladder is a big thing but come on these things are really not meant to be lived in.  So you take that into thought when designing cause you throw all usability out the window and you end up with this stuff.  The exterior deign language is great and would look so much better if it was 3 or 4 times the size so it is actually habitable.  For more than 2 people.  Also, OSB come on just throw up the gypsum board for the extra couple bucks a wall and make it 10 times nicer.  Or if you really want to have wood interior walls they make really nice plywood from exotict trees.

      Price is not bad, company has to make a profit so they probably get this thing finished for maybe $60K-$65K.  So really not that bad especially if it includes the utility hookups or site work.  But I can’t really imagine they do the later 2 items.  If you want a nice get away for 2 people at a time this would be my winner from the “15 Terrific Tiny House Projects of 2011.”

  • Eco-concise

    Where would anyone put thier clothes? Even for the weekend there is not enough storage space. Especially if the plan would be to have two adults and two kids. Beautiful Kitchen space, however I believe it could be designed with a little more efficiency in mind. Needs better materials overall,and for the price this should not be hard to achieve.

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  • Tendobear

    Wait, how do you get upstairs? 

  • Tendobear

    Wait, how do you get upstairs? 

  • Tendobear

    Wait, how do you get upstairs? 

  • Theholidayabroad

    We shall look into this concept, which could appeal for holidays or vacations abroad

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