Luxury Green LABhaus Going Up in Jersey

This luxury, modern, green home by LABhaus is under construction in New Jersey right now.  It’s a stunning single-family home assembled with five, factory-built modules and some impressive green products and finishes.  Plus, I’m happy to learn, the owners noticed our prior article mentioning the DIY Network’s search for new projects, and it looks as though the project will be featured on a future episode of “Dream Builders.

Jersey LABhaus will have polyurethane SIP walls (R40), an insulated foundation (R13), insulation between floor levels (R19), and a roof assembly with 7″ of polyurethane foam, 5″ of blown cellulose, and 2-4″ of rigid foam (R60+). The exterior will be finished with a sleek combination of fiber cement and synthetic stucco.

Other than a tight, well-insulated shell, this home will have an ultra-efficient heat pump system, on-demand hot water, and pre-wiring for a state-subsidized solar array to be installed later.

Fixtures will be luxuriate and conservation oriented.  That includes Duravit wall-hung toilets, Kohler sinks, a Kohler Karbon kitchen faucet, Kohler Stance bathroom faucets, Omnia steel hardware, Corian countertops, and Energy Star Jenn-Air appliances.

As shown below, the LABhaus prefab will have four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car garage.  The total budget is $340,000, or just under $140 per square foot (including construction and site work).  I expect to follow up in a few months upon completion, so keep an eye on this one.

Credits: LABhaus.

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  • JN

    Other Architecture/Builder (prefab) companies are not focusing enough on consumer attainability. While other architect might market their product compared to luxury sedan such as Mercedes, LabHaus market themselves comparable to high quality yet affordable Lexus in early 1990s, with major gap in price tag.

    LabHaus visionaries has upped the prefab game and broke the $150/sqft threshold, and yes they’re making a living (profit) too. It gets me thinking, did the Labhaus team line up all their ducks right and will only make their product better or have the “luxury” home buyers in yesteryears been robbed by their builder’s profit?

    I’m not even mentioning how energy efficient Labhaus product will be, it’s LEED certification, minimum!

  • LABhaus

    For those interested, we have added a few images of the completed project to our website:

  • Johnybravo2347

    Very nicely presented blog. Thanks for sharing this information.

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