Nine Luxuriate LEED Homes in California

Nove — Italian for nine — is a handsome nine-unit project in the Mission District of San Francisco.  The green project features LEED Platinum certification and architectural design by Handel Architects.  And, with purchase prices in the range of $975,000 – $1,600,000, eight of nine units have already sold and closed, according to Builder Magazine.

For energy efficiency, Nove has double-glazed AlumaTherm windows, Energy Star appliances, and blown-in insulation, while the exterior is completed with a modern blend of ipe, aluminum, steel, stucco, and HardiePlank.

Units have in-floor radiant floors powered in part by water collected from rooftop solar panels.  Architect Glenn Rescalvo, partner at Handel Architects, told Builder Magazine that the combination solar hot water and high efficiency boiler system is projected to reduce hot water and space heating costs by about 63%.

Nove was completed in March 2010 with units from 1,200 – 1,600 square feet.  The project was built on adjacent lots with a common green space running the center.

Credits: Nove San Francisco.

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  • Ergi3

    $1m to $1.6m is an unreal price for a 1,600 SF townhouse! Is it the location that is driving the cost so high? It’s stories like this one that turn people off about green construction. Correction – “LEED” construction. Unfortunately LEED has become more of a PR slogan as oppose to an organic basis of design. On a more positive note, great elevations…

    • Preston

      I’m not so sure the price for this size is unreasonable given this is San Francisco and LEED Platinum. Plus, they flew off the market in under a year.

  • Dbull

    Is there a heat exchanger between the domestic hot water and the radiant heating system? Otherwise you encourage temperatures in the heating system that can and have produced Legionnaires disease.

  • Kevin Craft
  • prefabrik

    But I guess, all they see is green – such that they just overlook it all.

  • J. Harp

    I admire it for being eco-friendly. Valuable reference. I’ll share this to my friends at Design Ideas.

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