This 566-square foot modern home sits on an infill lot in Toronto and has been getting a lot of attention in the last few months.  That’s partially in response to the design and maybe some general interest in small homes — this one is roomy for an urban condo but small for a single-family house.  The owner, Patrick Flynn, wanted something modern, low-maintenance, and minimalist and this place is all of those things.

The prior home, once used as a meth lab, was demolished, and Mini House was built in its stead.  The narrow house, referred to as Mini House, was built on a 14′ x 70′ lot.

Mini House was designed by LineBox Studio with a loft-like layout, 17-foot ceilings, and simple materials: concrete floors, metal stairs, concrete block walls, painted white walls, no baseboards, and exposed plumbing and electrical.

The cost of construction was $210,000, while the total project cost, including land, soft costs, lawyer fees, city fees, city services, etc, was about $385,000, according to The Globe and Mail.

Credits: Arnal Photography; noticed a MoCo Loco.