Green Home DIY Trends for 2011

If you’re interested in sustainability and innovation, you probably follow trends and keep up with what folks are saying.  You might have some interest in this new infographic from eLocal discussing home improvement trends.  ELocal created the graphic with information obtained from its community of professionals.  Here’s what they said:

Home Updates/Green Living

Homeowners are staying put, investing in their homes, cleaning up the exterior, and simplifying spaces.  They’re also testing out LEDs, low-VOCs paints, natural materials, and water-saving fixtures.

Efficient Spaces/Tech Takeovers

Interior rooms do double-duty — home/office, kitchen/lounge — while smart appliances and entertainment drive technology adoption.

Nature Indoors/Value Awareness

Homeowners are looking for nature in the form of organic materials and indoor/outdoor blended spaces.  They’re also uninterested in luxury and more interested in bargains, reuse, and long-term value.

More Color

Big items will tend towards neutral colors while small items can be used to introduce bright colors and vibrant living spaces.  Plus, this way it’s easier to change the feel of a space without redoing everything.

[+] View the entire Home Improvement Trends 2011 graphic.


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  • Tom L

    This is a great graphic and makes you think. The part that I hope catches on is the Tech Takeover. We have been hearing about “smart” appliances for a long time, but it just hasn’t seem to develop the way it should.

  • Mark Spiegel

    It’s interesting that two diverse elements are coming together in our re-defining the direction of the home. One is nature, and being more directly connected to the environment with intelligence on how the home relates to rain, sun, shade. The other is what hi tech can ultimately provide us concise information so we are better informed about our homes success as a system.

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