Self-Sufficient Tiny Home in Montreal

Update: Tiny Green Faberhaus Opens in Quebec

Faberhaus Pavillon, a 376-square foot eco cottage, was on display this past weekend at the Cottage & Country Home Show in Montreal.  The Pavillon was designed and built by Faberca as a compact, self-sufficient space for folks interested in country living — those who want to “live in the great outdoors.”  Owners wouldn’t need an electrical connection with this retreat home because it’s powered by solar panels and propane.

The Pavillon is being offered at a base price of $89,000, which includes furnishings, mechanical systems, solar panels, propane gas supply, and radiant floors, but excludes land costs, taxes, land preparation, foundation, and potable/sewage connections.

With a complete kitchen and bathroom, faberhaus Pavillon accommodates about two adults and two children.  Solar panels power LED lights, while propane powers the fridge and hydronic radiant heating system.

The compact structure is fabricated in a factory and arrives on the site about 95% complete.

The exterior is finished with steel, white cedar, and a mahogany or cedar stain finish.  The interior has polished concrete (ground level), laminated wood floors (upper), retractable furnishings, walnut cupboards, concrete counters/sinks, and large windows.  We’ll post pictures of the inside and outside in the near future.

Credits: Faberhaus.

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  • Whistle Blower

    In terms of costs, in addition to the cover story of $90K, add on $5-$10 K for shipping, $5K for sewage, $5K for a pier foundation (all roughly), plus local or state sales taxes. Some Counties, like where I live, require a driveway (for emergency services) and an electrical connection (regardless of solar) … which can add another $10K to $25K.

    The retro design is akin to but more pedestrian than a Michelle Kaufmann home and seems like it will age poorly. Time will tell, but it doesn’t have the lightness and simplicity of a design say by MEKA, Lake Flato or Miller Hull.

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