Craftsman Style Platinum in Tallahassee

As of January 2011, this is believed to be the highest scoring LEED Platinum home in the state of Florida with 112 points.  Located at 4512 Grove Park in Tallahassee, the craftsman bungalow style home is owned by Mark and Linda Powell and features two-level living, SIPs construction, a large solar PV array, and EPA Indoor airPLUS certification.

The home is 3,000 square feet and earned a HERS index of 18 — i.e., it’s about 82% more efficient than a standard code-built home (a net-zero home would receive a HERS index of 0).  The home has Bosch appliances, Energy Star televisions, a GreenSmart Fireplace Extrordinair, SIP wall and roof panels, and a WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump.

To capture renewable energy from the sun, the home has a 5.2 kW Sharp photovoltaic system and a 50-gallon Progressive Tube solar hot water system with an 80-gallon conventional tank and recirculation loop.

For water savings, the home in Southwood has WaterSense fixtures, native landscaping, micro irrigation, pervious concrete and walks, rainwater harvesting, and a rain garden.

Other green products include sustainably harvested heart pine floors (Red Hills Lumber), fiber cement shake siding (Nichiha), low-VOC paints (ProMar), wheatboard kitchen and bath cabinets (Koch), interior doors (CraftMaster), and an FSC certified entry door (MAI).  Lastly, the air is maintained with an ERV and HEPA/MERV 13 filters.

All in all, this home demonstrates sensible traditional style, a balanced and impressive green approach, and the collaboration of several members of a project team including architect Kevin Sossong, builder Jake Myddleton, landscape designer David Copps, and interior designers Leilani Aletras and Barry Pujals.

I first learned about this home from owner Mark Powell through our new green home submission form, where you can submit your newly completed green home for potential publication on

Credits: Kevin and Dominick Sossong.

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  • Jon Cheever

    Very nice–although at 3,000 square feet it is has a bigger footprint than I’d like to see in LEED Platinum construction.

  • megawatts

    Wow! Thank you for showcasing a Beautiful Home. I appreciate the owners efforts to minimize energy use & impact……while still paying tribute to the craftsman era. Extremely well done for a dwelling of this size, and loved the shady trees outside.
    Thank you for another great post!

  • megawatts

    This home is an accomplishment!
    Does size matter……yes of course it does. So does the concept of flexibility.
    However that being said…..they may have 5 kids, or aging parents, other family living there..
    maybe they use that home office to earn an income, maybe this is a small house for them!
    frankly I do not care, one size does not fit all, I hope we can agree that sustainable, and green are admirable traits to strive for….and again I appreciate that one size cannot possibly fit all, I built a craftsman style bungalow seven years ago…..too large for me at this point, my many kids are now grown and almost all gone, so next time perhaps a 500-900 sq ft dwelling, ( I am really digging what they are doing over at Reclaimed Space).
    thanks Preston for showing such diverse projects and green ideas. Yours is my favorite site so far!

    • Preston

      Thanks, megawatts. Definitely get in touch with Tracen and Kimber at Reclaimed Space — a small, handcrafted, reclaimed prefab would be excellent!

  • Josh Wynne

    Congratulations. The home you unseated (with a score of 110) was one that I built 2.5 years ago. I just completed one that should take the crown back. Check it out in a month or so. HERS index of minus 22. Keep up the good work. I appreciate the effort it takes to make these happen.

    -Josh Wynne
    Josh Wynne Construction

    • Mdp_ccm

      No fair! You must have a 20 kw solar PV system on that thing! I hope to expand to 10 kw if the state ever gets its renewables policy act together. I hope your new project has similar traditional lines to your wonderful Sarasota project! I’ve also already heard of other folks gunning for us so your new project will also have competition! Good Luck, MarkP

  • Arbentrovato

    Nice work Kevin.

  • Elizabeth1inVermont

    I agree with ‘megawatts’ that some families do need a larger home. My husband is one of 11 children (his mom married a divorced man with children when her husband died in a farm accident), and I have two children, an elderly aunt (who requires a first floor bedroom and bath), and two foster children. When my children move out, I will build a NZE 2 bedroom home, and leave it to my son or daughter for his/her family to live in. I have worked from home for many years, so a home office is essential. Plus, living on a farm in Vermont, we need a separate mudroom for the muddy boots and to prevent the cold air and snow from blowing into your living space. 

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