Material ConneXion, a global materials consultancy, recently gave its material of the year award to Novacem for the company’s “carbon negative” cement.  The product is being touted with increasing frequency and — it would seem from the literature — has the potential to change the world of concrete in 2014-15 when it hits the market.

One impressive aspect of Novacem cement is that it’s supposed to perform at the same level as commonly used Portland Cement.  It’s also supposed to cost about the same.

Novacem cement is made using a magnesium silicate mixture instead of calcium carbonates, according to Material ConneXion.  Also, the low-energy production process allows for the use of biomass as a fuel.

But what sets it apart from all of the competition, including slag and fly ash varieties of cement, is the fact that “the creation of magnesium carbonates from magnesium silicates involves absorption of CO2,” according to Novacem.  Thus, the production process is carbon negative.

Novacem is a London-based company and its cement is not currently available for purchase.  You can follow the company here.

Credit: Novacem.