For the holiday, I mozied down to Home Depot to get some replacement lights and to generally just walk around.  I noticed more green products on the shelves and was surprised to see this WaterSense Glacier Bay toilet with Niagara’s Flapperless flush system selling for $88.  On the way out, I was given a copy of The Green Guide with these 10 suggestions for saving money, energy, and water.

  • Replace old bulbs with Energy Star CFLs
  • Change air filters every three months
  • Install and use a programmable thermostat
  • Install WaterSense labeled toilets
  • Seal and insulated your home’s envelope
  • Use Kill-A-Watt to eliminate standby energy usage
  • Update with Energy Star appliances
  • Insulated your water heater
  • Switch to an Energy Star electric heat pump water heater
  • Install solar/wind technology to receive available tax credits

The Green Guide also provides products that consumers can look at when pursuing these 10 strategies.  The investment is clear and the potential savings are quantified.  In most cases, the financial payback is either immediate or arrives in less than 2-3 years.

But what’s most important, I think, is the fact that Home Depot provides a gateway for typically non-green folks to experiment with conservation in a meaningful way.  So, even for folks that don’t normally care about the environment — or that simply purchase on pricing information alone — the company makes it easy to change.

[PDF] Download The Green Guide by Home Depot.

Credits: Home Depot.