Bladeless Vibro-Wind Panels of the Future

There’s a lot of innovation in the wind technology sector and this bladeless concept could be a game changer in the next few years.  In fact, “Turbine-free wind power” was placed on the NY Times Magazine‘s annual Year in Ideas list with this video explaining the idea.

Generally, there’s a panel with several foam pads and piezoelectric connectors — kind of like SMIT Grow — that harvest energy.  The panels wouldn’t make much noise and could be installed on facades, roofs, and almost anywhere else. They could also generate energy at a low cost and lower wind speed (even in variable, urban conditions).

Last May 2010, Cornell University’s Vibro-Wind Research Group, headed by Frank Moon, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, built a prototype to test the technology, according to a press release.

It may be a while before something like this becomes viable and commercially available, but it’s definitely an innovation to keep an eye on for the future.

Credits: Cornell University.

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  • Simonjdavies77

    I really hope that this idea becomes a world wide reality!! Keep it going!

  • Eco Home Store

    Very cool concept. Thanks for bringing us this info Preston. I really enjoy your website.

  • Genesiscreation

    I like this idea. How much energy does it produce?

    • Guest

      The energy it would produce on the scale shown, would be miniscule. Just like a wind turbine, the higher it’s placed the more energy it would make? Also the story says that wind power isn’ t liked by conservationists. Most conservationists love wind power. With proper siting it is cheap clean power, cheaper than old coal if the turbine is large and mounted high. Wind is really viable only when it’s placed up high, above the trees and buildings which spoil the wind.

      • twatos

        My butt hurts

  • Karen Melchior

    Do regular wind turbines really pose a danger to bees, bats and birds???

  • Mannrich

    Cool Idea, but sorry guys, that wind turbines are a danger for birds, bats and bees is a false common rumour. Please research on this;)

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