Cree, Inc., manufacturer of the popular LR6 LED downlight, just announced a new light bulb.  The company unveiled “the brightest, most-efficient, LED-based A-lamp that can meet Energy Star performance requirements for a 60-watt standard LED replacement bulb.“  Cree attributes the bulb’s performance to TrueWhite technology and a patented remote-phosphor technology.

Specifically, the bulb is dimmable, outputs 800 lumens, uses less than 10 watts, has 2700 K color, and has a CRI of 90.  It seems to be superior to Philips Ambient LED light — which I like — in many respects, such as energy use and the accuracy of color rendering.

The prototype bulb is “the first standard LED A-lamp that combines high output with very high efficiency, in a small form factor, without the additional cost and complexity of active cooling or other design compromises,” said Rob Glass, Cree’s vice president of technology, according to a press release.

After testing various CFLs, I have to say I’m a LED supporter.  Comparatively, the light is great and there’s no mercury vapor issue, which you would have with a broken CFL.  It’s up to you, but I’m excited to see the prices of this prototype 60-watt equivalent if it ever goes to market.

[+] Watch Cree’s video unveiling this new LED A-lamp.

Credits: Cree.