Bright New TrueWhite LED by Cree

Cree, Inc., manufacturer of the popular LR6 LED downlight, just announced a new light bulb.  The company unveiled “the brightest, most-efficient, LED-based A-lamp that can meet Energy Star performance requirements for a 60-watt standard LED replacement bulb.”  Cree attributes the bulb’s performance to TrueWhite technology and a patented remote-phosphor technology.

Specifically, the bulb is dimmable, outputs 800 lumens, uses less than 10 watts, has 2700 K color, and has a CRI of 90.  It seems to be superior to Philips Ambient LED light — which I like — in many respects, such as energy use and the accuracy of color rendering.

The prototype bulb is “the first standard LED A-lamp that combines high output with very high efficiency, in a small form factor, without the additional cost and complexity of active cooling or other design compromises,” said Rob Glass, Cree’s vice president of technology, according to a press release.

After testing various CFLs, I have to say I’m a LED supporter.  Comparatively, the light is great and there’s no mercury vapor issue, which you would have with a broken CFL.  It’s up to you, but I’m excited to see the prices of this prototype 60-watt equivalent if it ever goes to market.

[+] Watch Cree’s video unveiling this new LED A-lamp.

Credits: Cree.

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  • ales nive

    This one is high quality and bright LED light lamp.This portable LED bulb is combine high output with very high efficiency in small factors.I like this LED light lamp.

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  • TheyCallMeTim?

    …i cannot find anywhere how this exactly works, which, figures. White light from LEDs currently happen via two methods, blue LED with a phosphor coating that changes the light color, similar to how fluorescents work(not that efficient). Alternatively, red/green/blue, leds used in conjunction make white or white like light.  So.. i’m wondering what is different here..

  • Alice Winters

    I love my new CREE LBR-30’s. They are truly a beautiful replacement for 65 Watt BR30 bulbs yet it only uses 12 watts.  EarthLED now has them in stock and at the best price online thanks to Earthled’s new distribution partnership with CREE:

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