Simple, Modular, Green Yube Cubes

If you’re on a furniture budget and want dead simple storage, perhaps a modular Yube would do the trick.  Each 13″-cubed Yube assembles in a jiff with snap-together sides, steel-frame locks, and corner clips.  The panels are made from sugar cane waste fibers (biodegradable and compostable), while the frame is made of a blend of plastic and bamboo (recyclable).  Yubes can be used as garage storage, a coffee table, a tv stand or anything else.  Cubes sell for about $30 each.

Credits: Yube; noticed at theinterioRevolution.

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  • Grindstonedave

    Nice, but not sure how ‘budget friendly’ it is. At $30 a pop, the pictured wall unit would be $750.00.

  • Alice Again

    Well, these things will certainly make you LOOK like you have a tight furniture budget, but if you do, you are way better off just going to ikea or something. The yube cubes are insanely expensive for what you get, and the siding is basically made of cardboard… They are like disposable picnic plates, seriously. Fantastic idea, TERRIBLE execution and value.

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