Beautiful Land Yacht Docked in Texas

Reclaimed Space, an Austin-based company that crafts custom prefabs out of reclaimed materials, recently installed this project in Bastrop, Texas.  It’s a small home of 512 square feet that wears the character of salvaged materials well.  The owners work full-time on a private yacht and ground here with their horses and Brangus cattle when not sailing the world, making this their “land yacht.

Credits: Joseph Pettyjohn and Reclaimed Space.

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  • nan

    Gorgeous! I’m a huge advocate of the small home. A friend has a rental that is 665 sq ft, and that is plenty of room! I wish everyone would try living in a small place for a while.

  • Frodo_17

    Beautiful home!

  • Wells Rawls

    When the house is small there can be more money in the budget for our outdoor spaces and possibly gardens that provide food. Our food delivery system is very wasteful. Bypassing that will decrease the carbon footprint of a home tremendously. Nice work Preston.

  • Jody

    This is a super awesome example of what can be done with reclaimed materials. I am in love with container homes, but this one makes me wanna grab up some used materials and kick it in something like this.

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  • fern

    Pretty pretty! I live in Austin and hope to tour one of these soon.

  • megawatts

    Details, Details, Details! My eyes have feasted on this small beauty! Rustic, Individualized,
    Simplicity, and Character! This home clearly represents the inhabitants and their personalities with grace! One immediately feels ‘home’, nuff said.

  • Home Improvement

    This is a fabulous home!!!

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