Small, Green, Affordable: 1519 Cleveland

With design costs, build costs, land acquisition, and everything else, homes are expensive.  Add a layer to that, that homes be sustainable, or somewhat “green,” and they get more expensive.  Yet folks want these homes to be cut-rate affordable.  It’s tough to do and a new modern home in Columbia, South Carolina, perhaps gives us an idea of what an affordable, light green home could look like.

This single-family home is located at 1519 Cleveland Street in North Columbia’s College Place neighborhood.  It has 1,120 square feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open living, dining, and kitchen space.

Green features include spray foam insulation, recycled low-VOC paint, a green screen/trellis entry, and a pervious driveway.  To keep things affordable, 1519 Cleveland has IKEA kitchen cabinets, exposed air ducts, polished concrete floors, and a stacked washer and dryer.

This house was built by Celtic Works, designed by Studio 2LR, and is now listed with Rosie Jones of Exit Real Estate Consultants.  It’s offered for $130,000, an exceedingly low price even factoring the location and home size.

Credits: Celtic Works.

  • Barrie Real Estate

    This is great. Considering that this house is Green, selling it an affordable price is incredible. Most of the flats that trends in the market that are Pro Green are expensive because of its built in features.

  • Frank Schulte-Ladbeck

    I wonder if this design could be adapted to a camelback style home, or have an extra bedroom added on to form a L-shaped, which could give a nice patio. Really great that someone is demonstrating affordable green housing with a clever design, rather than a green mansion.

  • John Strevens

    Thanks to all for their encouragement. we set out a goal to build a modern, single family home with green features for 130K or less. It took a lot of work. As most of you know it it tough to find cool stuff at an affordable price, but it is out there if your willing to comb the net. We are hoping to build more of these units and some smaller ones for a 100k.

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  • Davek1974

    Looks Clayton familiar…

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  • SCHomeRemodel

    I agree the fact this is a green building and has such a competitive price point makes it doubly attractive

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