This month, Valcucine was selected for inclusion in the Industrial Research section of the Italian ADI Design Index 2010.  The company was chosen in part for efforts to produce products with less raw materials and energy, use recyclable materials, reduce toxic emissions and polluting chemical substances, and consider the life cycle of products.

Perhaps that effort is no more apparent than in their recycled-content kitchen “Invitrum” made with 100% recyclable glass and aluminum base units. Invitrum does not emit formaldehyde or other VOCs and is fully “disassemblable” – capable of being dismantled and recycled.

As illustrated in the embedded video, Invitrum is minimalist, modern, low-impact, functional, durable, and nearly indestructible. The product is available in Italy. I’ve asked a company contact how to purchase Invitrum in the U.S. and will update this article with more detail shortly.


Credits: Valcucine via Valcucine Kitchens.