Small, Green, Affordable: Shelter Series

After several years of concept and development, architect Ed Binkley came up with “the shelter series” — small, green, affordable abodes — to be used as relief housing, guest housing, small scale developments, or pretty much anything else.  These homes range in size from 300-1,400 square feet and can be built without breaking the bank.

Ed binkley design partnered with Miami-based Cabin Fever to manufacture the shelter series at an affordable price — potentially as low as $40-50 per square foot, plus permitting and land.  Indeed, the systems-built approach allows for assembly with reduced on-site labor costs.

The purpose of the shelter series is to “bridge the gap between mass market housing and very low-end housing that often does not address the livability or design style factor,” according to Ed Binkley.  Materials to be used include corrugated siding, Hardi panels, and SIPs roofing.

Though the shelter series is suited for any region or demographic, Cabin Fever and ed binkley design envision these homes in both Haiti and as far away as Africa.  Parts and components for up to six homes can be squeezed into a single shipping carrier, balancing the cost of transportation among several homes.

Credits: ed binkley design.

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  • Mark Attard

    This is very interesting. We have been looking for similar type housing to provide panels for in Haiti and other areas.

  • Fred

    This is a nice concept. If they could partner with local craftsmen/builders (perhaps even eventually manufacturing components in country) then the cost could possibly be further reduced as well as stimulate economies.

  • Victoria-Ozarks Crescent Mural

    I really like this. It’d be several years before I’m ready to do anything, so I’ll keep all these links and hopefully they’ll still be doing it. Thanks!

  • visitor

    anybody know what software was used to create those elevations?

    • Tommy

      Sketchup was used for all the drawings.

  • Ed

    thanks for your comments…we are currently exploring housing needs and opportunities in Haiti, as well as South Africa and other countries in need…including our own. The housing idea internationally is to establish an income base for local economies by opening manufacturing facilities…it is a perfect set up for systems built housing, thus my partnership with Cabin Fever…it really is all about housing with dignity at an affordable and sustainable model.
    The software program for illustrations is Google SketchUp…easy program…

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