Tiny houses are popping up all over the country.  Students at Green Mountain College built one with reclaimed materials last semester.  They spent $1,927 on materials, acquiring insulation at half price and lumber and windows from the local salvage store.  The 8-foot by 12-foot house still needs a solar-powered electrical system, which will be installed early next year.

When complete, the tiny house will be off-grid.  Rainwater from a low corner of the roof will be collected and processed in a water catchment system for domestic use.

The home was designed and built through a field-based, interdisciplinary program called REED – Renewable Energy and EcoDesign.  It’s a 22-credit program that gives students the opportunity to work on actual green projects.

So far, 19 students worked on the project in Professor Lucas Brown’s design & build course.  If you’re interested (a video on the GMC’s website indicates that interest has been strong), it will be sold next Spring when completed.

Credits: Green Mountain College.