MEKA Container House in NYC [Video]

One of our most popular articles last month was a preview of modular container homes by Toronto-based MEKA.  The company planted a show house in the West Village area of New York City and the media took notice.  Reporting for Reuters, Kilmeny Duchardt offered this video and short interview with Michael de Jong, one of the entrepreneurs behind the company.

MEKA is an acronym for modular, environmental, kinetic, assembly, which is a indicator of the company’s mission to build “the most luxurious living spaces with a clean modern sensibility, at super affordable prices.

Shown is the 320 square-foot model that is priced from $39,000.  The price includes MEKA help with site assessment plans but does not include land or foundation.

The price also includes bamboo floors, walls, and ceiling; sliding glass doors and a 144-square-foot cedar deck; cedar exterior cladding; fully insulated floors, walls, and ceiling; long-lasting, stainless steel counters; full kitchen and cabinets (appliances optional); and a shower and bathroom.

Other than this smallest model, MEKA has three larger models that range in size from 640 to 1,280 square feet and in price from $64,000 to $128,000.

  • Jeepingetowah

    My wife and I are building our home out of a shipping container. It is more of a DIY kind of thing… but anyone can follow us on our blog.

    • Preston

      Dale, looks like a fun project, thanks for letting us know so we can follow along.

  • Justin L

    Reuters coverage -not bad

  • Adammiller

    I love Jetson Green and its coverage. I am always excited learning about prefab options out there.

    I just wanted to note that news coverage posted on the Meka website from says, ” What makes Meka Prefab Houses more special than other prefab houses is how they take advantages of the shipping containers to ship the entire house all the way from China. Having the prefab houses manufactured in China, people can then own a beautiful sustainable house at a lower cost.”

    If this is so, it makes me question these homes sustainability factor, as shipping anything – much less a large container – across an ocean can burn some energy. Also, if Meka is truly cheaper because it is manufactured in China, I think it would be good to know about the labor standards and wages in the Chinese warehouse. Usually, the implications of such a scenario are not pleasant.

  • Container Home

    Well done @Adammiller

    I have been banging on about that very point since this project first appeared.

    The designs are very elegant and the marketing team behind the initiative are worth their weight in gold however the idea that this is in anyway “green” or “”sustainable” is simply not correct – in fact I would go so far as to say that is this some of the best “greenwashing” that I have ever seen – even Jetson Green are supporting it unquestioned ( at least you guys are allowing critical review )

    The idea that you would manufacture these things in China and drag them half way around the world just so that they are a little bit cheaper is shameful ( and BTW I am not American I live in Asia ) its the idea of “greenwashing” I don’t like.

    China has an appalling green track record and when your doing in China specifically because its cheaper that just becomes a race to the bottom.

    Surely someone in the US and Canada can deliver a project like this using local resources and labor and not have to pay too much of a premium if not one day your going to wake up and there will be NO jobs left in the USA.

    Or if you want to DIY there are tutorials here


  • JCMAN10

    Fantastic…with some research I came across your website, exactly my vision of what to expect in future building. This could be make dwelling worldwide affordable.

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