FreeGreen, a provider of free and premium green house plans, recently unveiled a new premium plan called Loop House.  The modern design features a two-story rectangle covered in fiber cement panels with a loop of cedar that creates a covered porch space.  It’s easy to envision using this space in several ways — watching movies, gathering around a fire pit, and relaxing with friends.

Loop House includes 1,800 square feet and four bedrooms, allowing for a larger family, overnight guests, a home office, or something like a studio space.  Depending on options and upgrades, Loop House could cost anywhere from $180,000 – $250,000 or more to build.

All homes designed by FreeGreen perform anywhere from 30-50% better than prescriptive building code energy performance, again, depending on options selected by the plan user.

Loop House is one of many modern designs available at FreeGreen.  Ben Uyeda, Chief Architectural Officer of FreeGreen, told me in an email, “FreeGreen is just trying to make better designs for bargain shoppers who want something a little different but aren’t willing to commission a work of art or architecture.“  He said options are limited for people that don’t want generic traditional homes but that can’t afford a custom modern home.

In fact, something like 30% of all single family homes built in the America come from stock plans, according to Uyeda, so FreeGreen is nicely positioned for the green market with energy-efficient plans built with eco-friendly products and materials.

This plan can be downloaded by anyone with a Premium subscription to FreeGreen.  A Premium subscription starts at $9.95 per year and includes access to floor plans, renderings, virtual tours, cost-to-build estimates, and PDF plans.

Credits: FreeGreen.