KB Home announced the completion of four energy-efficient homes in the Springwood community in the City of Roseville, California.  What’s noteworthy, you might agree, is the fact that they’re the first in the nation to receive the WaterSense label.  And KB Home intends to complete every home in the community to the same standard, making it the first in the country to do so.

A WaterSense home is independently inspected and certified to use 20% less water than a standard new home, according to the EPA.  More specifically, in order to qualify for the label, a WaterSense home must have the following:

  1. WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures;
  2. Efficient hot water delivery systems;
  3. Front and back yards designed to save water;
  4. Energy Star washers and dishwashers (if included); and
  5. Irrigation systems that are designed or installed and audited by an irrigation partner (if included).

To be clear, only new homes can obtain the WaterSense label, although anyone can incorporate WaterSense fixtures and appliances through renovation.

The WaterSense homes in Springwood feature Moen showerheads, Moen faucets, Sterling toilets, Metlund D’MAND system, and low-turf landscaping with Hunter irrigation controls, according to Builder Magazine.

The EPA estimates that a WaterSense labeled home will save at least 10,000 gallons of water per year and, through energy savings for heating less water, at least $100 to $200 per year in utility bills.

Credit: KB Home.