m2 Green Prefab from Method Homes


It’s been a while since we last mentioned Method Homes, but the company has built a number of green prefabs recently that deserve some mention.  Last December, the company installed this modern modular home, referred to as m2, on a picturesque mountain site in Glacier, Washington.


The home has two Medium cabins from the company’s SML Series and a site-built bridge connecting each wing.  One side features a kitchen, living room, laundry, and half-bathroom, while the other side features two bedrooms and a full bathroom.

A prefab like this — 1,250 square feet — starts at about $230,000, not including site work, utilities, foundation, delivery and set, site finishing, appliances, sales tax if applicable and soft costs.

Method Homes targets LEED Gold level certification for all their homes and built this one with some of the following: slag mixture foundation, a ductless mini split system, a wood stove, foam and cellulose insulation, on-demand hot water, metal siding and roof, and Energy Star appliances.





[+] More info on the m2 Green Prefab from Method Homes.

Credit: Method Homes. 

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  • RRB

    Nice but a little expensive for what it is… most of these pre fab still don’t companies don’t get it

    • Sherikoones

      Actually they do. They build better homes, in less time and generally are less expensive. Method Homes does a great job of building beautiful, comfortable, environmentally friendly, efficient homes.

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