While not as pronounced as the California Academy of Sciences museum, I think it's safe to say that this undulating green roof covering the new h2hotel is just as beautiful.  The hotel, which gets its name from being the sister to Hotel Healdsburg, was designed by David Baker + Partners and is pursuing LEED Gold certification.  It's also a nominee for the People's Choice Award from the Redwood Empire Chapter of the AIA. 


This 32,000 square-foot hotel includes 36 guest rooms and was built on the site of a former gas station.  During construction, more than 85% of the hotel's construction debris was recycled. 

h2 has rooftop solar panels that heat water for guest rooms and the swimming pool, thereby reducing electricity consumption.  Indeed, the hotel was designed to use about 28% less energy than a standard California hotel thanks in part to smart technology and an EcoSpace elevator.

Dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets and fixtures reduce water usage by about 20%.  And with a high-efficiency irrigation system and drought-tolerant landscaping, h2 uses about 33% less water for landscaping than would be used otherwise. 





[+] More info on green aspects of h2hotel in Healdsburg.

Credits: Brian Rose (exterior photos); h2hotel (rest).