Old Shed Now an Ivy Covered Art Studio


This green cube is the focal point of a landscape project that received an Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects in this year's Professional Awards.  Designed by Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture, an old garden shed was converted into a modern art studio covered in ivy growing on an exterior metal framework.  It's fascinating, don't you think?



[+] More about this Parkside Garden landscape project in San Francisco

Credits: John Sutton Photography; noticed at Treehugger.

  • Lynn

    looks lovely. But I thought ivy was invasive and something we were supposed to discourage?

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  • Anonymous

    Silverlace vine.  Grapevine.  Clematis.  Climbing roses.  Trumpet vine.  This could be gorgeous with a lot of different vines.  Or vegetables (peas).

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