Shown is a new installation of three Origin series prefabs by Blu Homes.  Each with a mixture of standard and custom elements, these modules were installed behind a company co-founder’s existing home in Wayland, Massachusetts.  The prefab cluster is used as a photo studio, art studio, and media room and was built with radiant floor heating, cedar sunshades, a roof deck, galvalume siding, heat recovery ventilation, and bamboo flooring.


Anne Haney, spouse of Blu Homes co-founder Bill Haney, said, “I adore my new home studio – it’s modern, airy and bright. I no longer have to commute, pay rent, and we both get to see more of our kids,” according to a statement.

These completed Origin modules cost about $100,000 each, though the newly revamped Origin series starts from $82,000 for a shell and from $109,000 for a full home.

Origin is available in 18’x24′, 18×36′, and 18×48′ plans, with up to one bathroom and two bedrooms.  Blu also offers flat, shed, or gable roof lines.

Standard features include energy-efficient recessed lighting, Energy Star appliances, efficient ventilation, low-flow fixtures, and cement board siding.  Custom options include LED lighting, cedar v-groove siding, FSC certified floors, and cedar screens.

Blu Homes has delivered eight Origin prefabs in the last year and has seven more in various stages of production at this time.




[+] More info on the Origin model from Blu Homes.

Credits: Blu Homes.