This summer, Lumeta, Inc., received UL certification for the company’s innovative PowerPly solar product.  PowerPly doesn’t need a rack or mounting structure.  It’s backed with an adhesive and applies directly to the roof, making installation a cinch.

Lumeta says the system can be installed in about 60% of the time of other installations.  The monocrystalline panel installs flush with the roof and weighs roughly 1.9 pounds per square feet, which is approximately 40% lighter than rack-mounted systems.

Pricing has yet to be disclosed, according to Michael Kanellos of Greentech Media.  That said, PowerPly is available directly from Lumeta so long as the order exceeds 250 kW.

All aspects considered, PowerPly results in time, material, and cost savings, but, depending on the installation, the tilt angle may or may not be optimal.  What do you think?




[+] More info on PowerPly Solar by Lumeta.

Credit: Lumeta, Inc.