Environment Furniture recently unveiled a new shelving system called the Topanga Collection.  The system was designed by creative director Jean-Marie Massaud and is made with a recycled-content, honeycomb cardboard that's strong and lightweight. 

Though made of cardboard, the nature-inspired honeycomb design provides structural strength sufficient to hold what it's made for, according to Environment Furniture.

At the same time, since it's lightweight, Topanga won't necessarily cost an arm and a leg to ship, if that's what you're planning. 

Topanga is bonded by nontoxic, water-based glue and designed to comply with California emission regulations.  Finishes include natural, recycled content Kraft paper, newspaper, or collector's edition graffiti/painted versions.  Topanga is available from $395 online or in showrooms.



[+] More info on the Topanga Collection from Environment.

Credits: Environment Furniture.