Glass Tile Roof Solar by SolTech Energy


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, a new company comes along with a different approach.  SolTech Energy makes an innovative roof tile — similar but distinguishable from this thin-film solar tile offered by SRS Energy — that harvests solar energy with a traditional looking glass tile.  Currently offered in Spain and Sweden, the SolTech System can be installed to work in conjunction with most common heating solutions on the market.


As shown, air below the glass tile is heated by the sun and redirected for use by the central heating system.  The system works with air-based and water-based heating systems, including, for example, a ground source heat pump, air heat pump, pellet boiler, oil boiler, or electric boiler.

SolTech Energy expects to bring the system to market in the U.S. sometime in 2011, according to a coment on Core77 by Henrik Bage, Head of Business Development for the company.

Incidentally, preliminary tests show that the system has a natural aversion to snow, what with the shiny tile surface and heat reflected from an absorption fabric below the tile.  The tiles are UV resistant and last longer than conventional clay or concrete roof tiles.




Credits: SolTech Energy.

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  • Andy

    This. Is. Awesome!

  • CreativeArtandSoul

    Not only super-functional, it is beautiful!



  • alfred

    This is real cool invention that helps in bringing renewable energy to more people. The only setup is probably its cost may still be high at the moment ?

  • solar heating system

    nice article …….. nice information. Really Solar energy is a blessings to us, to fight with the problem of scare resources.

  • felicia

    Awesome looking forward to see them in California.

  • Romy Villanueva

    Real cool, this will revolutionize the modern building designs and help in minimizing our dependence on fuel and electric consumption.

    • Chessguy that possible?

  • Whocares

    You need to fabricate a solar panel into that shape, not this useless thing.  It is a first step to making a solar panel to replace roofing tile.

  • Lynn

    So…..has it hit the market yet?  I am building in Costa Rica and would like to roof my Garage/Bodega with this incredible material.

  • Irwin Floto

    This technology is remarkable. Because of its energy efficiency and multiple functions, it would be a wise choice of roofing for snowy countries. Homeowners wouldn’t have to worry about the snow accumulating on their roof with this kind of roofing system.

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