18Broadway Exhibits New Green Tech


There’s a plot of land on 18th Street and Broadway Boulevard in Kansas City.  In time, the owner intends to use it for something commercial or residential, but, in the mean time, 360 Architecture helped transform the land with an interim solution.  18Broadway is now a demonstration of storm water management, urban agriculture, and energy independence on one city block.


18Broadway features an integrated storm water capture and biofiltration system that collects, cleanses, and stores up to 40,000 gallons of water.  Water is then channeled to irrigate dozens of raised garden beds; vegetables are harvested for those in need.

Solar panels on a garden shed put power into the grid, while a new WT6500 Honeywell Wind Turbine powers the site’s perimeter lighting.  In the future, the project will include alternative energy fueling stations for cars and energy-efficient housing.

Speaking of the project, Jim Calcara, senior principal of 360 Architecture, said, “We are learning about alternative ways to generate on-site electricity and are demonstrating the benefits of locally grown food. This is an exciting project.


[+] More info on Honeywell Wind Turbine WT6500.

Credit: 360 Architecture.

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  • Justin L

    This is a cool product. I live in Kansas City, and have interest in possible applications of this technology in the region, and after seeing one at GreenBuild, my main concern was: “how it it going to hold up in a hail storm”.

  • Hys

    This Honeywell product sells for $6,495 and saves $150 worth of electricity per year. Surely we can find better ways to deal with our energy and climate challenge.

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