Dave Brach, architect of the first Passive House in Utah, and Benchmark Modern, builder of this modern LEED home, are working on a new project in the Salt Lake City area called Zevon.  The home, which is under construction right now, is being built – for the most part – to Passive House standards and will seek LEED Platinum certification when completed.

Specifically, Zevon should meet the airtightness, cooling demand, and total energy demand requirements of Passive House, though it will come up a little short on the heat demand requirements, according to Grassroots Modern.

I had the opportunity to talk to Garth Hare of Benchmark Modern about the project and got the feeling Zevon is on the cutting edge.  The Sungazing House, located nearby in Park City, is seeking both Passive House and LEED Platinum certification, so these two homes, Zevon and Sungazing, should make for some interesting talk in the area.

So far, we know Zevon will have Warmboard radiant heating, a Zehnder heat recovery ventilator, and some ultra-efficient windows.  Below is a link to Benchmark Modern’s blog documenting construction progress, if you’re interested in more detail.



[+] Follow construction progress via Benchmark Modern

Credits: Brach Design