Bendheim-ecoglass-coral Bendheim-ecoglass-herringbone

Earlier this year, specialty glass maker Bendheim introduced a new line of textured architectural glass made with 25-40% post-consumer recycled content material.  EcoGlass, as it is called, is made in Europe by Glasfabrik Lamberts in an oxygen and fuel-fired cast glass furnace.  The product also contains a minimum of 20% pre-consumer recycled content.

EcoGlass can be used in a number of commercial and residential situations, including, but not limited to, curtainwalls, partitions, sliding doors, lighting, and shower enclosures.

The product is available in 10 textures – all shown here – and can be infused with various color interlayers or coatings for aesthetics.  Bendheim uses isocyanate-free pigments to coat EcoGlass.

EcoGlass comes in three thicknesses, 5/32", 1/4", and 3/8", and sheet sizes up to 70" by 126".  Using the product can help a project obtain multiple LEED points, such as those that are available for using recycled content materials and preserving daylighting and views.

[+] Get more info on the EcoGlass Collection from Bendheim.

Credits: Bendheim.