Colorful Mixed-Use Eco Lofts in Austin


This is East Village Lofts in the Revitalization District of East 11th Street in Austin, Texas.  The structure, designed by Bercy Chen Studio, makes a bold statement about the intersection of art and sustainability with a multifaceted facade of colorful steel panels.   The panels, as you would imagine, double as a shade device and guardrails for condo balconies.

Block19-east-village-austin-kitchen Block19-east-village-austin-bathroom

East Village Lofts includes 11 retail stores and offices, 20 condominiums, and roof decks accessible to everyone in the building.

Bercy Chen Studio told Jetson Green in an email that homes range from approximately $130,000 for a studio to $290,000 for a two-bedroom loft unit.

For that, residents get insulated low-e windows, no-VOC paints, R19 insulated walls, R30 insulated roofing, two green roof areas, low-impact native landscaping, and construction with recycled and recyclable materials.

East Village Lofts, or Block 19, was shortlisted in the Design for All competition held by Design Boom and Seoul Design Fair 2010.



[+] Take a Virtual Tour of East Village by Bercy Chen Studio.

Credits: Bercy Chen Studio.

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  • elsewhere

    The lofts are indeed attractive, and they do include green elements.

    However, the rampant gentrification of East Austin is not good design–design should be about designing for people, all people. Austin doesn’t need more swanky green condos for white hipsters of means. Austin needs affordable housing. Austin needs better planning and policy to address gentrification and the decimation of communities by pricing out those who have historically lived in these neighborhoods.

    People of small financial means, especially people of color, are being economically banished from Austin’s urban core. This isn’t promoting a vital and diverse local economy, which is a prerequisite to meaningfully greening our cities.

    I urge architects, urban planners, and city officials everywhere to consider the needs of all people and communities when planning projects. Lovely condos are made considerably less attractive when built on the backs of a city’s less favored citizens.

  • Egoetz

    FSC offers a Design & Build Award, recognizing and honoring designers and builders who are committed to using FSC-certified wood!

    This year is the 6th Annual Design & Build with FSC Awards, deadline for application is Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.


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