Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Romano of SquallCo Development about his new website and modern green homes offered on Long Beach Island. The development company has two home plans, the smaller called Akamai and the other called Ohana, which have been designed in a joint venture with Steve Midouhas. With these, SquallCo hopes to make warm, modern, sustainable homes more approachable to folks in the area.


Akamai, pictured in the first three renderings, is a 1,250 square foot home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. At roughly half the size of typical new construction, Akamai uses natural lighting and indoor/outdoor spaces to provide a larger experience.

Ohana, pictured in the bottom two renderings, is a 2,250 square foot home with multiple living areas, two bedroom suites, and abundant outdoor space. This design works well in the multi-generational context by offering some privacy to each side.

SquallCo uses a hybrid model of on and off-site fabrication and expects to be able to build these homes in less than four to five months. With all design fees, permits, construction, landscaping, and finishes considered, cost of construction should be about $250 per square foot.

In terms of environmental strategies, SquallCo prioritizes reduction of energy use, reduction/elimination of toxins, reduction of water waste, and facilitation of 100% water permeability. Through design and construction, the idea is to reduce the environmental impact of each home from the beginning.




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Credits: SquallCo.