Earlier this summer, GE launched the first product in its Brillion suite of home energy management solutions, the Nucleus.  This is a data storage device that collects household electricity cost and use data and gives it to homeowners via computer and smart phones.  Nucleus is expected to be available for consumer purchase in early 2011 for the price of $149-199. 


Nucleus connects with the your home's smart meter to provide real-time cost and use information for up to three years. 

The Brillion line also includes a programmable thermostat, in-home display, a smart phone app, and smart appliances, which will be released in the future.  For example, consumers will be able to adjust thermostats or alter electricity consumption of GE Profile appliances with the technology. 

In time, GE will upgrade the Nucleus software to monitor water, natural gas, on-site energy systems, and plug-in EV charging, according to a press release.

Ge-nucleus-home-energy-manager-pcsoftware Ge-nucleus-home-energy-manager-smartphone-app


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Credits: GE.