Indestructible Fossilized Bamboo Floor


Let’s say you get a lot of floor traffic or you have a kid that jabs Hot Wheels into the ground.  Maybe you have a dog that runs in circles, and you want a strong wood floor.  You’ll probably look for a high Janka scale rating — a measure of hardness — to find something that will hold up against denting and wear.  You might even consider this strand woven floor from Cali Bamboo that the company says received a 5,000+ pound score in recent tests.


Janka testing measures the force required to stick a steel ball into wood to the ball’s halfway point.  For example, it takes roughly 100 pounds of force with a weaker wood like balsa and about 3,600 pounds of force with a harder wood like ipe.

Professional Service Industries, Inc, tested HD Fossilized Bamboo Flooring at more than 5,000 pounds of force, according to a release by Cali Bamboo.  Cali Bamboo, which also makes Lumboo Bamboo, says its strand woven flooring is a good choice when “indestructible floor is desired.

For those chasing certification, this product may contribute to LEED credits in a number of areas, including for using rapidly renewable materials, low emitting materials, certified wood, and regionally-sourced wood.  Pricing starts at just under $4 per square foot.




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Credits: Cali Bamboo.

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    No matter how hard the wood is, the finish still scratches when you slide anything across it an a little bit of grit gets dragged along with it. The prefinished floors are the worst for that. Chasing higher and higher Janka numbers does nothing to protect the finish… it just means the wood won’t dent easily.

  • Bunny

    It isn’t the finish that is vulnerable so much as the material itself… ours is easily dented and rutted by the dogs’ claws. Anything (such as vacuum cleaner tools or dishes) that is dropped causes dents. Children playing, furniture being moved… all have resulted in a very “weathered” look to our seven year old bamboo floor.

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