Perhaps you've seen one of a few micro-inverter-type solar products on the market and wondered whether you could install a solar system at home.  Unless you're an electrician, that may or may not be a good idea, but these products (some available now and others coming to market) make it a whole lot easier to get started generating solar energy at home.  Check these five:

1.  Westinghouse from Akeena Solar


Andalay Solar, now Westinghouse Solar, from Akeena Solar is a modular system (with built-in racking, grounding, and wiring) that the company says is ideal for DIYers because it has 80% less parts than other systems and delivers AC power.  (Read our prior coverage.)

2.  Solar in a Box from Ready Solar

Ground mount 4

Ready Solar also offers a modular system designed for easy installation.  Micro-inverters convert DC to AC at each panel, which can be mounted on a roof or the ground, and Ready Solar ships everything in boxes for roof or ground-mount installation.  (Read our prior coverage.)

3.  SolarClover from Armageddon Energy


Armageddon Energy makes a SolarClover with a micro-inverter, a simple triangular mounting system, and three solar leaves, if you will.  The company hopes to make its SolarClover commercially available by year end, while pre-production systems are available to select customers.  (Read our prior coverage.)

4.  SunSine AC Module from GreenRay Solar


GreenRay Solar makes a SunSine AC Module that the company calls the "world's first solar appliance."  The plug and play system incorporates the PV module, inverter, mounting, and wiring in a single package. 

5.  Sunfish from Clarian Power


Clarian Power is developing a solar power module, the Sunfish, that plugs into an existing outlet and installs without a dedicated electrical panel.  The product, which has a built-in micro-inverter, will not require contractors, installers, or additional wires.  (Read our prior coverage.)

Did we miss any dead-simple solar options for the home?