Going Green with Exposed Plumens

Plumen 001 has been shooting around the internet today (i.e., Good, Morin, Re-Nest).  The designer CFL saves 80% on energy bills and lasts eight times longer than a regular incandescent.  It’s an 11-watt bulb that outputs 680 lumens with a color temperature of 2700k.  But it’s not available in the US until next year, and Plumen 002 is in the works.  In any event, Plumen seems perfect for the exposed lighting situation pictured here.

[+] Get more info on Plumen 001 by Hulger.

Credits: Hulger/Tom Mannion.

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  • http://www.astudentoftherealestategame.com/ Joe Stampone

    This looks like a great alternative to the Edison bulbs that are so popular in a lot of restaurants. Not only does the color and tone represent that of a candle, but the unique shape adds to the design.

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