Ecotrax Recycled Content Floor Tiles


Swisstrax, a company out of California, makes an interlocking recycled content floor tile called Ecotrax.  Made with PolyDyne Engineered Rubber Powder, or recycled rubber tires, Ecotrax — according to the company — is durable, strong, and 100% recycled.  Also, to close the loop, Swisstrax takes its products back to be recycled into future products.  It's available in gray colors, various patterns, and two sizes, 13” x 13” x ½” and 15.75” x 15.75” x ¾”. 




[+] More info on Swisstrax Recycled Flooring Tiles.

Credits: Swisstrax; noticed at GAB Report.

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  • Garage Floor Tiling

    This is a very good direction for the flooring industry in general. Are there any performance differences between these and non-recycled tiles?

  • Enrico Pratesi

    Similar solutions are offered also by the Italian

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