New Modern Green Homes from Lindal


Dwell and its writers/editors have considerable influence in the prefab industry.  They made a big move last year announcing the Dwell Homes Collection of “warm modern” prefabs designed by Turkel Design and produced by Lindal Cedar Homes.  This year, Lindal and Turkel Design added seven new plans to the collection and they’re beautiful, to put it simply.


These new designs range in size from about 1,700 – 3,000 square feet and can be modified to unique sites, budgets, and other requirements.

In terms of green building, Lindal works with homeowners to maximize orientation and builds these homes with smart framing, energy efficient systems, and green materials.

Roughly 80% of Lindal dealers are NAHB Certified Green Professionals and use their training to assist homeowners through various aspects of construction.

Lindal is hosting three webinars in the next few weeks with Joel Turkel to explain how they design and build these eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes. Seems like a nice opportunity, especially if you’re interested in green prefab homes.




[+] Get more info on the Dwell Homes Collection 2010

Credits: Turkel Design/Lindal Cedar Homes.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t even dare ask what one of these will cost.

    Will the day of modern, green, and *affordable* ever arrive?

    • Kevin

      What do you consider affordable?

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, a debatable question (and answer) to be sure. Let’s say $100-125/sq ft all-inclusive (except for land, of course).

        • Kevin

          I agree that should be possible, but as someone in the business am not sure if it is. A lot depends on where you live and the local labor costs needed to finish once on site. You may want to check out Ma Modular. They claim to sell in that range and the homes are nice. We currently are more but are trying to get it down. It’s not easy.

  • Robin

    Arg- I wish they posted a simple drawing of the floor plans on their website. You have to buy a book! Seems silly to pay them for their advertising. AND- i don’t want them to use paper and fill the air with carbon dioxide mailing it to me! if they could just post it on their website. Not very green…

  • Guest

    They’re beautiful but with all that glass, and with triple-pane low-E windows only coming in at R11, these will not be wonderfully insulated homes.

    They’ll never meet the Passive House spec.

  • James Thomas

    Now this is what i like!

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