This container structure was on display earlier this month at Abitare il Tempo in Verona, Italy.  The architects, Studio Astori De Ponti Associati, used discarded containers to build a home that is meant to “propose an alternative starting point for reflection,” as opposed to “a definitive and absolute solution to the question of sustainability.


It’s common to expose container surfaces on the inside and outside, perhaps, to tell a story of reuse or to make some sort of industrial statement.  That’s done here with some success, but who knows what the home will look like in the light of day.

The 140 square-meter (1,500 square-foot) structure, referred to as meno6 + una, spans two levels and was built with six intermodal shipping containers.

DuPont provided several products in the showcase, including Tyvek HomeWrap, Corian surfaces, Zodiaq surfaces, Energain panels, Typar geosynthetics, Plantex geotextiles, and a new line of roof-integrated photovoltaics.




[+] More about the Green Frame House by Astori De Ponti.

Credits: Tom Vack Photography.