Fresh Pallet Style Office in Amsterdam


Using pallets as office furniture is about as peculiar as using containers as a home structure, but in this case, aesthetically speaking, the design by Most Architecture seems to work well.  Maybe it’s the mixture of clean walls with jenga-like stacks and bold lines.  Whatever it is, BrandBase, a company based out of Amsterdam, commissioned the temporary space and wanted it to be built with recycled materials.  The design incorporates 270 pallets all together.





[+] More info on the Pallet Project by Most Architecture.

Credits: Rogier Jaarsma; noticed at Design Boom.

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  • Justin

    This looks cool, but is an extremely bad idea. These pallets are full of toxic chemicals. Try a quick search on google and you will find hundreds of warnings about bringing shipping pallets into your home. They often contain urea formaldehyde. Also since they are wood and are susceptible to insect infestation they require heat treatment or fumigation before they can be moved cross-border. Fumigation is often performed with methyl bromide, a highly toxic, ozone-depleteing chemical.

    • gerrr!

      And not to mention, hellish to dust.


    you can use non-international stuff. dust, i agree, but the instalation price is so low that you can afford C.lady for 10y – then you recycle again

  • Helena



    Nice use of pallettes no doubt to be otherwise destined for the rubbish heap! Although i can think of more useful and safe alternatives to pallettes!

    • anon

      More useful and safe? Like what?

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