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Generally speaking, traditional construction can be inefficient and wasteful, while prefab construction can be non-local and expensive.  Somewhere in between, you might imagine, is a potential sweet spot where homes can be built in a smart, green, approachable, and modern way.  That’s what a Portland team is trying to do with Minimalist+ and their new SiteFab building process.


Minimalist+ SiteFab homes have been designed to cost anywhere from $160-180 per square foot, which includes permitting and professional fees (assuming a level lot) and excludes the cost of land.

The idea is to build a home in a short amount of time using a mixture of prefabricated and site-built elements.  Factory work would include framing and sheathing, while site work would include mostly everything else.

The price depends on whether the homeowner goes with a light or dark green package, or somewhere in between, as explained on the website.

Minimalist+ is supported by a team with the modern design by Michelle Jeresek, land acquisition and broker assistance by David Todd and Steve Strode, and construction services by Jeff Lightfoot.



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Credits: Minimalist+. 

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  • Chad Ludeman

    While their site doesn’t go into a lot of detail on the fabrication process, this “hybrid prefab” approach is a great way to bring the price and timeline down on well designed, modern and sustainable homes. We can assume they are prefabing walls (at least rough framing), stairs and casework. Along with this, having a set list of finishes to choose from that can all be sourced quickly is a perfect strategy for keeping costs and construction time down. Thanks for finding these guys.

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