RUBBiSH: Old Tires Now a Sink Surface


Minarc recently took an R+D Award from Architect Magazine for this sink made of recycled rubber tires.  RUBBiSH, as it's called, is made through a process whereby tires are melted, stripped of particulates and impurities, and stretched in a lightweight layer over a sub-material to create the surface. RUBBiSH is available in a 1/8 inch sheet of rubber or in a framed option where the product is held in place by two sheets of aluminum at the countertop edge. 



[+] Read more about RUBBiSH in Architect Magazine.

Credits: Minarc.

  • Pixiegas

    I’ve never seen such beautiful work with recycled tires.You can’t even tell that it’s made with tires. I wonder what other products these recycled tires could be used to create.

    Hopefully this unique product becomes a standard.

  • Evan Adams

    Floors and transport products – ecosurfaces

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