Easy Plug-In Solar from Clarian Power


Clarian Power, a start up from Seattle, is on a mission to help homeowners everywhere generate energy from renewable energy.  The company developed a proprietary power module that plugs into an existing outlet.  In other words, their Sunfish solar product, which is slated for retail availability next year, installs without a dedicated electrical panel and does not require contractors, installers, or additional wires. 

Before the product can be sold through retail channels, Clarian needs to take Sunfish through testing with the Underwriters Laboratories, according to the NY Times.  And if that goes through as planned, affordable solar power should be available at the nearest home improvement store. 

Sunfish, which will retail for about $799, was designed to include built-in circuit protection.  The starter kit is expected to include a 200W solar panel and can be expanded with up to four additional solar panels.  One thing to keep in mind with this product, however, is the fact that it’s not intended for net metering.  All the power is consumed within the home. 

Nonetheless, Clarian is poised to hit it big in the entry-level solar market. Sunfish will be compatible with products like Google PowerMeter and Microsoft Hohm, as shown in this video, so homeowners can monitor what’s going on with their home energy situation. 

[+] Learn more about Sunfish Plug-In Solar from Clarian Power.

Credit: Clarian Power, Inc.

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  • Terry Beever

    Sweet Plug n PLay! Hope it can Handle a large system!

  • Swtpneicie

    yeah bad weather takes out the power grid and now you still have no power. It cant charge batteries, and if there is a power spike or brown out then unit can fail.

    • Jag

      It can indeed charge batteries. It provides power to a standard outlet, which is currently what I use to charge AA, AAA, 9V and car batteries at home. With the right equipment, you could charge a few truck batteries, which wouold last well through any bad weather if you are careful about usage.

  • john

    What’s up with Clarians website??
    All the old links now connect to an ambiguous Clarian Labs “contact us by email only” website. No info, no other info…WTF??

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      I’m not sure what’s going on there.  I’ll try to look around and find out. 

  • Don

    Their Facebook page is gone as well.  Doesn’t look good for them…

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