Clayton Homes Previews i-house 2.0


Clayton Homes turned the prefab world upside down last year when it announced the i-house, a modern, green prefab with an approachable price tag.  I-house has been insanely popular and installed in various locations.  And it turns out that the company is nearing the release of a new version of green prefab, i-house 2.0, which will have an enhanced front entry, warm and natural exterior materials, and more interior space to accommodate families.


The new i-house features the same butterfly roof as the first version only it runs the width of two modules, instead of running the length of one module.  The new design also features the flex indoor-outdoor spaces so that the home lives bigger than its footprint.

Architects describe the new design in a video here.  It’s beautiful, and the clear front entry makes this look more like a home and less like some manufactured rectangle.  New details will emerge in the next few months, and Jetson Green will make sure to let you know when they do.





[+] Get more info on i-house 2.0 from Clayton Homes.

Credits: Clayton Homes.

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  • Chad Ludeman

    These guys are on the right track to making modern & green prefab more affordable for all. Any word on their sales figures so far? It would be interesting to know since so many prefab companies make big splashes in the media with little to no sales data to back up the hype…

    • Preston

      I agree. I asked for detail on how many i-houses have sold so far and was told “the original i-house has sold well.” Not sure on numbers …

  • LuAnn Beckman

    I liked the energy saving concept of the i-house and the interior. I REALLY like the exterior and the interior of Jetson Green. Great job! I particularly like the laundry/office/hobby area. Very nice to have a space like this. How about pocket doors in the shared bath and master bath? If the master bath were turned and placed on the back wall and the closet placed at the room entry, would you be able to fit 2 sinks in the bath and make it a walk-in closet? Hard to tell these things without exact dimensions.

  • Mim

    Where is this new version being exhibited in Northern California? Can’t wait to see it. Liked the original but this has so much more going for it.

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