No-Flush Touch-Free Urinal for Homes


In his Cool Product of the Week article, Alex Wilson has the story on this Baja urinal designed for residential use by the Waterless Company.  The no-flush, touch-free toilet retails for $248 and has to potential to save about 3,250 gallons of water per year, assuming a home with two males, three uses, and 340 days, according to Building Green.

Baja is made with a patented EcoTrap system.  Basically, fluid flows down into the drain insert and passes through BlueSeal, which is a biodegradable trap liquid that’s lighter than water or urine.  After about 20 seconds, waste liquid overflows into the central tube and down the drain.

In marketing materials, Waterless Company touts two main benefits — other than water conservation — to its no-flush EcoTrap toilet: (1) odor elimination through the use of BlueSeal (pictured above), and (2) inhibited bacteria due to fixture dryness.

Baja, made with vitreous china, is smaller than what you may be accustomed to seeing in commercial or retail establishments.  Several colors are available through custom orders as well.

Waterless Company estimates the payback on Baja is anywhere from one to three years, depending on a variety of factors.  So, I guess the question is: can you see using a no-flush urinal in your home?

[+] Get more info on the Baja Waterless Urinal for Home Use.

Credits: Waterless Co.

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  • gerrr!

    I could definitely use one of these, if only I had the space. Sigh.

    • Ven Sona

      A one gallon glass jug kept in the bathroom vanity is the ultimate urinal. Add a drop of scented oil and it actually smells good when you pee. Its free, will last a lifetime, foolproof and you can start today. Dump it once a day with the brown flush and voila! tremendous water savings.

  • reesety

    These are great. My kids’ school has a different model from the same company installed there for years. My boys come home and always tell me they peed and did not have to flush!! Coolest thing! And saves water too!!

  • Troll_id

    what is the bowl does that get cleaned after the use?
    makes not really sense to me

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