Wavy Solar Integrated Studio House


Lamboo, Inc., a maker of architectural bamboo products out of Illinois, has this concept studio featured on their website.  Lamboo Studio is made with several different Lamboo products, including bamboo interior paneling, custom bamboo furniture, bamboo content in windows and doors, and laminated structural bamboo in the roof and floor.  Illustrating several uses for these bamboo products, the 304 square-foot tiny home has a wavy aluminum roof with integrated Uni-Solar panels and a composting toilet for off-grid living. 






[+] Get more information on Lamboo Engineered Bamboo products.

Credits: Lamboo; noticed at Inhabitat.

  • http://twitter.com/crienoloog Eric Criens

    Esthetic’s wins over practical? That roof makes the building way to expensive and has no real practical value. The wooden beams have to be custom build/formed… Solar panels are cheaper when straight and collecting rainwater from this roof will be problematic.

  • http://ecdfan.blogspot.com/ ECD Fan

    What prevents water pooling in the “trough” of the roof “wave?” The Uni-Solar modules have very explicit performance warranty requirements, and this “installation” will almost certainly violate those requirements:


    Whoever designed this thing was really quite clueless. Shame on Lamboo, Inc!

  • Cainan Barnett

    Lamboo Inc. is aware of the solar panel warranty as well as the curved beam systems in place. They are Lamboo LVB (laminated veneer bamboo) beams and we are showcasing the possibilities of Lamboo material through a glued-lamination process. The solar panels can achieve 100% sunlight year round when at these curves and have a drain system below the panels to remove the excess water, therefore would not violate the warranty by Uni-Solar.

  • http://www.ListedGreen.com Listed Green

    We like this design – pushes the envelope. Seems like Lamboo Inc. has addressed the critics too. Good work guys !

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