As electric vehicles begin to proliferate, GE wants to be there to help you charge up at home or on the road.  With the design assistance of Yves Béhar of fuseproject, the multinational company just released details of the all new GE WattStation.  WattStation has an LED interface and retractable cable to provide a charge in about 4-8 hours, assuming a 24 kWh battery.


The LED ring is both aesthetic and instructive.  It beams white when available, green when fully charged, red when charging, and yellow when out of order.

GE says WattStation will be commercially available in 2011 with revenue grade metering and wall or pedestal mount options.  It will be built in a modular fashion to allow for future upgrades and Level 2 charging upon release.

Eventually, technology like this will replace the gas station, and, when it does, the ultimate goal should be to have the juice coming from renewable sources.




[+] Get more information on the GE WattStation.

Credits: Ecomagination.