Recycled Hardwood by Staybull Flooring


Staybull Flooring, a Florida company, recently let us know about their recycled flooring available in more than 20 wood species.  The company salvages waste wood from lumber mills around the globe; binds discarded strips together with a solvent-free, no-VOC adhesive; and then mills and finishes the planks with a ceramic, no-VOC finish.  The result is strong, mosaic-like, rich in detail, and made in the U.S.A.  And if you're looking for an FSC certified option, Staybull Flooring can provide that, too. 

Update 7/27/10: pricing starts at around $4.50 per square foot FOB North Carolina, depending on the dealer.  Also, keep in mind that the plank sizes offered by Staybull Flooring may end up reducing labor and construction waste.




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Credits: Staybull Flooring.

  • design-guy

    This flooring looks AWESOME! great new concept! glad to see it’s made in the USA too.

  • Anonymous

    price? in order for these products to make sense, they have to be less than $3 per sq sf in my opinion.

    • SayWhat?

      If quality isn’t important to you, then $3 a sq ft makes sense. There’s no way you’re getting a VOC free flooring product that’s made of wenge, or brazilian cherry for three bucks. The best you can expect at that price is bamboo made in china using glues and finishes that reek of chemicals. After reading through their site, it’s pretty clear to me that this product is basically “new” reclaimed/salvaged flooring. If you can find reclaimed flooring for three bucks a square foot, then you should buy all of it yourself….you’ll make a killing reselling it.

  • Greg

    A friend of mine recently installed staybull flooring throughout his family room, living room, and den. It looks amazing. Not only is this a green product, but the strips of wood give it a lot of character and a unique deisgn. He went with the brazilian cherry, but I am leaning towards purchasing some american walnut to finish up my kitchen. Great product!

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect, that is a cop out. We are talking about a product that is “reclaimed” and therefore ought to have a significantly reduced material cost associated with it. There are plenty of clean, safe, sustainable products out there that fall close or below the $3 mark i noted. Like i said, in order for these products to actually make sense, they must be affordable and attainable to the average person. Otherwise, its more of a novelty or specialty item. There is far too much “green-washing” and price gouging happening currently. This stuff will show up at Lumber Liquidators for less than $3 per sq sf when it doesn’t sell because its prohibitively expensive anyway.

    • DiscoD

      Instead of wondering and debating about it, i just called them up….prices start at $4.50 sq ft and go up from there – depending on the species and availability, of course. Some of this stuff is salvaged from Africa so it makes sense that would be more expensive. Plus, from the looks of it, they’re the only game in town actually doing this kind of product. Given the labor involved, cost of materials, it’s not as “prohibitively expensive” as even I thought it was going to be. During my discussion with them, it was also clear that their target market is more on the high-end / niche market anyways. Hey, too each his own, I guess! It’s great that people here have such a passion for recycled materials. It certainly makes the discussion more lively:-)

      • Preston

        I’m trying to verify pricing as well, which I’ve seen starts at about $4.50 per square foot.

      • Anonymous

        Good call. I agree that $4.50 wouldnt really qualify as cost prohibitive. my comments were more generally and i was also thinking in terms of the wine barrel flooring we saw earlier that was what, $30 per sq sf? and as i eluded, many of these products would make sense as a niche/specialty/novelty/ even high end product but make little sense for the average person and thats fine if that is in fact the target. again, i am not necessarily referring to this staybull product.

        • Preston

          But definitely agree with the general point you’re making about price gouging by companies with “green” products. Seems like everyone is going after the early, rich adopters these days.

  • Corygrant

    WOW Amazing like the Desgin :) very beautiful

  • Tomson_y

    I love it.

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