New Portable Solar Powered Carports


Seems like a rare situation when a person will need both a carport and solar panels on top of the carport — as opposed to on the house or somewhere else.  But assuming the stars align and you're in the market, Phat Energy wants to be there to help you out.  The company just unveiled their prototype PHATport 350 in the outdoor section of Dwell on Design 2010.

PHATport 350 works as a residential carport or covered patio and can support up to a 2.5 kW solar array.

Though the company is taking orders right now, production on the 350 won't start until later this summer.  When it hits production, Phat Energy plans to be able to customize the unit with lights, electrical outlets, EV chargers, and column design options.

Also, the company prides itself on quick installation. PHATport 350 is pre-assembled and folded on a custom traveling dolly with wheels.  The carport is rolled to the site, opened, and attached to columns for use.

Pricing has yet to be determined and will fluctuate with options.  350 may cost in the neighborhood of $37,000 before available financial incentives, according to Inside Line.

Competition in this area includes LifePort from California-based Envision Solar.

[+] Learn more about PHATport 350 from Phat Energy.

Photo credit: Inside Line.

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  • Andrew Stone

    $37,000?!? Wow! To charge your $37,000 depreciating asset (electric car)? Wow! Plugging in is going to be the option for most. This stuff has got to start being affordable for everyday people or it will never make it. I think it would be cheaper to put solar panels on my existing garage and then my car is truly protected from ALL the elements and vandals too.

  • Terry Beever

    That is a heavy price tag! We at Green Energy & Solar Designs would charge $14,000 for the 2.5 Solar Array minus Current rebates and incentives which puts the Array at around $7,000. I can’t see a Metal carport structure costing $23,000! Cool Design tho!

  • Listed Green

    Can you imagine if all the carports located in Mobile Home parks around the country did this ? Astounding….

    To address the high cost of solar, we’ve seen some collaborative action by groups toward purchasing solar power installs in bulk. They’re doing it in Oregon.

  • Paul Felix Schott

    The Future World Wide for Electric Vehicles (EVs) looks brighter all across many

    countries more Cities are turning to (Clean Cities) and installing more Charging Stations

    for (EV) some are even powered by the Sun, Solar Energy power for Electric Charging

    Stations. The day will come soon when Hybrid Cars and (EV)’s will out number the gas

    cars and gas vehicles in cities. People around the World have longed for this day to come

    when the demand for Oil will go down. All look forward to Energizing their Cars from the top

    of their own roofs through Solar Panels (PV)’s that get Free Energy from are Lord the SUN.

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott
    November 15, 2011

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