Northwest Modern Solar Home in PDX


This contemporary home just hit the market about a week ago and comes with Earth Advantage Gold certification and a 2.4 kW photovoltaic system expected to save the future owner about 30% on utilities.  With three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and 1,836 square feet, the speculative home at 5110 NE 17th Street also has bamboo flooring, tankless water heating, and energy-efficient appliances for $419,000, illustrating the fact that in progressive cities like Portland, stylish green homes are becoming the standard. 






[+] Get more information on 5110 NE 17th in Portland.

Credits: Juliann Evans Real Estate.

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  • Holz_box

    what in the world is going on with the re-entrant corner and the horrible shed roof?!?

  • MrSteve007

    It looks like they used standard framing and put in a lot of unnecessary protruding edges on the exterior. I’d love to go over this ‘green’ house with a thermal imager to see all the thermal bridging. I’d put good money on it being not nearly as efficient as they claim. Looking over the listing webpage, it uses a natural gas furnace and ducted heat, even though Portland is the ideal climate for an ultra efficient heat-pump. Slapping on a PV array and bamboo floors doesn’t make it ‘green.’

    Even worse, checking out the older google streetview images of the site- it looks like they tore down a nice looking Craftsman home to build this eyesore.

  • DavisFrame

    Nice article! Oregon seems to be ahead on the green and energy efficient building trends. Our client and representative in Oregon’s majority clientele are looking to build green. They were featured back in April:

  • SwinertonBlogger

    I really enjoy reading all about the sustainable and green homes that you post on this blog! It is refreshing that beauty can still be found in building even when using recycled or green materials! I look forward to similar posts!

  • Daniel Dessinger

    A little too narrow for me. I prefer wide houses, personally. But I love the interior decor.

  • Elemental LED staff

    Great features in this house, but another thing Portland has a lot of is perfectly nice houses for sale. Why do these green upgrades need to go in a new house when it would be less expensive to reno an existing house?

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